child car seat with belt
child car seat with belt

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child car seat with belt
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About YKO Baby

YKO Baby was established in 2009. Started from a booster car seat manufacturer, it has grown to one of the most professional child car seats and infant products manufacturers during the more than ten years development. At present, the product range covers child car seat, stroller and other relative products.

We Provide You With A Full Range of Services

We provide professional OEM & ODM service to our clients. 
We provide professional solution to your demands both from manufacturing and designing.

360 rotating Baby Car Seat
foldable Baby Car Seat
Baby Car Seat with belt

Make Smarter Choice

As a professional OEM and ODM, there is a complete manufacturing and quality control system which supported by 6 independent departments and over 200 full-time employees which makes our products keeping high quality and high consistency.

360 rotating Baby Car Seat Certificates

All products are R44 approved and most of them are approved by R129. All products hold Chinese 3C certification.

The Latest News

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​YKO Baby participated in the 2023 Cologne K+J Exhibition in Germany.

07 September 2023

Car safety is a paramount concern for parents, especially when it comes to their precious little ones. That's why understanding the different stages of car seats is crucial. In this article, we will focus on Stage 1 car seats and answer some frequently asked questions surrounding them.Stage 1 car se

23 October 2023

When it comes to ensuring the safety of our children while traveling in a vehicle, there are numerous factors to consider. One of the most pressing questions parents often have is whether a 7-year-old child still needs a car seat. After all, at this age, they may seem more independent and less vulne

19 October 2023

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We always provides a best solution for its clients at the first time by the no-block communication and experience in section.
YKO Baby has more than 15 years experience in global trading and has cooperated with many brands and market chain in the EU and Australia.

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